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The Skarl Forest

Soon to be an epic graphic novel …

On Eithalica, time sleeps beneath a sky of tree-leaves, and men of strange tongue walk with Yalengem, a race of luminescent sages.

Neither squire Lorkan nor his Yalengem friend, Niavai, know how to restore peace to their war-torn kingdom, or calm the ailed groaning of the forest. But Niavai is sure the long lost Chetnum Empire knew—by warding off the spirits lurking in the shadows.

When the spirits rise to snare Eithalica in living nightmares, Lorkan resolves to follow Niavai and recover the ancient knowledge. But their search becomes a pathless suffering in enemy lands on a distant moon; a titanic strain on Lorkan’s will, and on his faith in Yalengem.

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  • Vol. I: Heart of the Forest

    vol. i

    Heart of the Forest

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  • Vol. II: Chord of Midnight

    vol. ii

    Chord of Midnight

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  • Vol. III: The Pledges of Yore

    vol. iii

    The Pledges of Yore

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